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CV Services International

..... your way to success

Terms & Conditions

All and any copyright ideas, concepts, techniques, designs, developed by CV Services International (established in 1983 and referred to below as CVSi), intellectual property rights, brand names, registered trade marks (including our company logo), marketing slogans (including '..... your way to success') are and shall remain the property of the owners of this website.

CV Services International (CVSi) operates a policy devoted to strict client confidentiality at all times and is registered under the Data Protection Act 1984.

CVSi compile Curricula Vitae (the latin plural of Curriculum Vitae) based on information provided by the Client and cannot accept responsibility for any false, or inaccurate, data supplied; e.g. dates of employment, a Client's age, date of birth, etc.

CVSi will never knowingly insert inaccurate information into a document at Client request; e.g. change of age.

CVSi will take every precaution to safeguard Client details, but CVSi cannot accept responsibility for third party interception of data during transit; e.g. on-line ordering, e-mail transmission, etc.

CVSi securely safeguard online order information by utilising PayPal :

CVSi has never needed to create a complaints 'procedure' per se. Totally committed to customer care, our established 'policy' dictates that each and every Client query or concern is addressed immediately (same day assured), thus eliminating the possibility of complaint and ensuring 110% satisfaction.

CVSi will refund payment immediately, without question, upon written request within one month of order / payment. However, cancellations cannot be accepted, nor refunds authorised, once compilation work has commenced. Refunds will not be made, after one month's duration from receipt of order, if a client fails to submit full personal details to allow compilation to proceed.

CVSi cannot be held responsible, in any way, for the compatibility or functionality of a Client's computer software. All documents are compiled in Microsoft Word - most commonly used by recruiters worldwide.  

The above terms and conditions are within the jurisdiction of the English Courts and governed by English law. The above terms and conditions do not affect a Client's statutory rights as a consumer.

Privacy Statement

CVSi is totally committed to client privacy. CVSi operates a policy devoted to strict client confidentiality at all times and is registered under the Data Protection Acts 1984 and subsequently 1998 ( Reg. No. K3066588 ).

Information Collected

All information is collected and processed in accordance with the UK's current Data Protection Acts. The only information CVSi collects is that sent voluntarily by Clients wishing to utilise CVSi services.  

Use of Personal Information

Client information is always treated as strictly confidential and is never passed to any third party without the express written permission of the client ( e.g. occasionally a client may request that a copy of his/her CV is forwarded to specific agency or potential employer ).

ecurely protecting confidential data at all times

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