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CV Services International

..... your way to success

A few of the hundreds of unsolicited testimonials received from delighted Clients over the years ...

I get so many job offers now as a result of your work and the feedback is always positive.

[KP - HSE Manager - Australia]

WOW! I'd employ me any day with a CV like that! It is superb! Tomorrow, I fly to Nassau !

[MM - Senior Site Engineer - UK]

The revision is excellent. I am exceedingly pleased with the result. My thanks for your hard work.

[TB - Communications Systems & Engineering Manager - UAE]

I am a former Client, now returning to the best Resume-writing organization I have ever come across.

[DS - Power Generation Engineer - USA]

This was pretty fast and amazing. I highly appreciate your excellent work and now feel much more confident.

[KP - Project Manager / IT Systems Specialist - Germany]

I had two exciting job offers. There is no question that my revamped CV dramatically increased my success rate.

[DE - Managing Director (FMCG) - UK]

Good job ! Elegant and smart. You definitively understand matters. Congratulations ! You are truly professional !

[HC - Project Consultant - Belgium]

Got a job today as IT Manager, based purely on the strength of my CV - the interview was just a formality. Thank you.

[KS - IT Specialist - UK]

I have now been offered a permanent teaching post and the interviewers commented on my CV's very effective impact.

[JB - LEA Supply Teacher - UK]

Thank you. I know from comments made at interview that I would not have been able to change career direction without your help.

[MG - Business Development Manager - UK] 

My wife sent her CV to 10 dental practices in Australia and they ALL replied. She has accepted a post with exceptional salary + benefits.

[Mr & Mrs F - Civil Servant and Dental Hygienist - UK - this existing CVSi Client and his wife both secured positions prior to embarking on a new life in Australia]

All the above Clients (and many many more) found the way to success with our help.