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CV Services International

..... your way to success

What is a CV?

A 'Curriculum Vitae' (CV) is a comprehensive document setting out details of your personal, academic and professional life for consideration by a

prospective employer. The term 'Curriculum Vitae' is Latin and actually means the course of one's life. 

When CV Services International was founded in 1983 very few job seekers were familiar with the term and many would enquire 'What is a CV?'.

However, the CV is now an essential tool in the recruitment process and, therefore, every job seeker should be armed with an EFFECTIVE CV.  

What is a good Curriculum Vitae ?

A good CV is not merely a summary of your education and career history; it should command attention and convince a prospective employer

that an ideal candidate has been discovered. Both content and layout are of equal importance in CV design. Ideally, your CV should be

professionally written - to be effective, your CV MUST have impact !  

Why is a CV or Resume necessary ?

Nowadays, one advertised vacancy can generate literally thousands of replies. To reach interview stage can be considered an achievement in itself.

Therefore, commissioning the services of an experienced CV Writer is highly recommended.

Is presentation important ?

Presentation is vital. Your CV Structure must allow a potential employer to see at a glance the information he/she seeks. If a recruiter has to waste

valuable minutes searching through your application, then it is likely to become a rejection. CV compilation is thus crucial to your jobsearch success.

What is ATS?

Submission of applications online and by e-mail is here to stay. Technology has made the recruitment process much more efficient and cost-effective.

Indeed, Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) systems are increasingly being used by recruiters in order to minimise the number of CV's to be given

human consideration. Initially, the ATS robot sifts through CV's received, matching relevant keywords with those contained in the job description

of a particular vacancy. To be successful, therefore, your CV must contain the relevant keywords - otherwise it fails at the first hurdle.

NB: All CV's compiled by CVSi are keyword optimised.  

Why do I need a Professional CV ?

Securing an interview is an onerous task in itself. However, the sheer number of CV Companies advertising on all the major search engines

is a clear indication of the huge problem facing job-seekers at all levels. Not only do you have to compete with literally thousands of applicants,

but your Curriculum Vitae, or Resume, has to beat a vast array of professionally-written CV’s. In order to create an interview-generating CV,

therefore, it is essential to commission the expert assistance of a highly experienced Professional CV Writer.


If you decide to order elsewhere, do not assume that your CV will be compiled in-house by a Professional CV Writer - many are typing services !!!